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"Most men would do anything to get out...
But Michael Scofield will do anything he can to get in"

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» Prison Break Promotional Images
    Season 1
    Pictures by Chris Carlisle
      Episodes 1&2
      Episode 3
      Episode 4
      Episode 6
      Episode 7
      Episode 8

Prison Break Episode Caps
    Episode 1 - Page 1 ; Page 2
    Episode 2 - Page 1 ; Page 2
    Episode 3 - Page 1 ; Page 2 ; Page 3
    Episode 4 - Page 1 ; Page 2
    Episode 5 - Page 1 ; Page 2
    Episode 6 - Page 1 ; Page 2

TV Caps
    "The View" - September 1, 2005

Magazine Scans
    Entertainment Weekly, Aug. 26
    Maxim, Sep. 05
    TV Guide, Aug. 28
    TV Guide, Sep. 11
    TV Guide, Oct. 2
    US Magazine, Sep.

» Cast Past Film Stills

Robin Tunney
    Empire Records
    End of Days
    Julian Po
    Riders of the Purple Sage
    The Craft
    The In-Laws
    Vertical Limit

Wentworth Miller
    Ghost Whisperer
    The Human Stain

Sarah Wayne Callies
        Filming Pilot 12/10/03

Amaury Nolasco
    2 Fast 2 Furious

Marshall Allman

Peter Stormare
    Bad Company
    Dancer in the Dark
    Hitler The Rise of Evil
    Watching Ellie

Dominic Purcell
    Blade: Trinity
    John Doe
    North Shore

Paul Adelstein
    Be Cool
    Intolerable Cruelty

Robert Knepper
    Jackie, Ethel, Joan The Women of Camelot
    The Pennsylvania Miners Story

» Cast Appearances
    2005 Fox Upfront
    FOX Summer 2005 All-Star Party
    FOX summer press tour
    NYC Promo Event
    Prison Break Launch Party

» Cast Professional

Wentworth Miller
    Armando Gallo
    Charles W. Bush
    Chris Floyd
    David Venni
    Patricia De La Rosa
    Stefano C Montesi
    Steve Grayson
    Xavier Torres-Bacchetta

Peter Stormare
    Adam Sheridan-Taylor
    Claudio Carpi
    Leif Erik Nygards
    Mats Andersson
    Michael Caulfield
    Susan Shacter
    Thomas Engstrom
    Tobias Rostlund

Robin Tunney
    Armando Gallo
    Cliff Watts
    Cristina Estadella
    Erin Patrice O'Brien
    Frank W. Ockenfels 3
    Jack Chuck
    Jeff Berlin
    Jeff Dunas
    Jesse Frohman
    Jonathan Skow
    Kwaku Alston
    Len Prince
    Lorenzo Agius
    Michael Caulfield
    Michael Halsband
    MR Photo
    Patrik Andersson
    Piers Hanmer
    Robert Gallagher
    Susan Shacter
    Swee Phuah
    Tom Howard
    Troy House
    Yariv Milchan

Brett Ratner
    Armando Gallo
    Armando Gallo 2
    Catherine Ledner
    Fergus Greer
    Isabel Snyder
    Patrick Hoelck

Dominic Purcell
    Brie Childers
    Yoram Kahana

Sarah Wayne Callies
    Michael Williams
    Sam Jones